Molmic Sofa

DecorLUX Molmic Sofa

Molmic is as much about family as it is about furniture. Their values are inspired by and founded on family life – moments of energy, lives of passion and generations of trust.

Molmic designs, craftsmanship and care are founded on the purpose of what they make furniture that assumes an integral place in people’s lives. Not only must Molmic pieces serve a functional purpose, they endeavour to give them a life of their own.

For over 30 years, Molmic have been inspired to design the very best in sofas and living furniture. They are proudly committed to Australian heritage, continuing commitment to designing and making furniture locally, bringing warmth and tactility with careful consideration of renewable materials and minimising carbon footprint.


Its all about personalising your space, Molmic sofa & chairs are designed with different influences in mind. You can be creative too with so many decorative fabric choices available.


Sophisticated lounging sees the release of our new model Barker, a tailored look is created by the piping and slimline timber plinth.


Modular or sofas
This design provides the ultimate in relaxed seating comfort, thick Molmic Feathertop cushioning featuring high resilient core seating support without compromise.